Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Projects marching along...maybe a little slogging

It's been a while since I posted about my quilt or the sink cabinets.  Both projects are being worked on quite a bit but the work being done isn't very photogenic.  I guess it is a good thing the weather hasn't been so inviting as the tasks aren't that exciting.

John spent the last week or so sanding and priming and doing other little finish bits on the cabinets. Then today he started on the cutting boards.  He did the milling today (which is noisy).  The cutting boards are maple and he remarked that it was nice to be working in a different wood.  This is the first time he has made pullout cutting boards and that makes it more interesting, too.

Another stickered pile....

I finished the quilting on my eight quilt sections (four center squares and four outside triangles) and now I am sewing them together.  I don't have the setup for quilting large pieces so I am using a  quilt as you go technique.  The method I am using allows you to quilt smaller sections and then assemble them.  I like that about it.  It does mean I have to deal with the raw edges on the back after sewing the pieces.  I chose to encase the raw edges in bias binding.  I sew one edge on by machine and the other edge by hand.  I like doing it that way because I enjoy handwork of that sort.  And I like making bias binding.

Making the binding

Sewing the binding

The finished encased seam

There are other quilt as you go methods.    Melody Johnson's QAYG method. has you quilt the center part and then add outside sections which are quilted after they are added.   She has a good explanation.

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