Monday, April 15, 2013

Pullout cutting boards

John has been having a lot of fun making the pullout cutting boards.  He has been designing his own process for how to make the breadboard ends accommodate movement of the wood in the cutting board surface.  We aren't pressed for time before demo day and so he has time for some fun.

He is using dominoes to make a floating tenon.  The tenon is smaller than the mortise (the hole) and this allows it to move.  To keep it from pulling out of the hole, there is a dowel that fits in the wider slot (allowing for expansion).  The very center mortise and tenon are sized the same and well attached but the rest of the joints allow for plenty of movement.

Waxing the end so it won't soak up glue

 Attaching the breadboard end to the cutting board.

Routing the finger pull


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1914house said...

So nice! I miss having a pull out board. Even though I never actually cut on it, it was nice having just a little extra counter space. Too bad "modern" cabinetry doesn't include them.