Friday, May 17, 2013

Life is good

The last few weeks have been a bit intense.  I've been working lots of hours plus the kitchen project has been very active.  We've done most of the kitchen project ourselves (more John than me), but this week we had a demolition crew on Monday, plumbers on Tuesday, Pat helped John install the uppers on Wednesday and plasterers were here on Thursday and Friday.  John has been busy managing all that plus getting the upper cabinets installed and getting the doors on.

I am tired of having people besides John making banging and scraping sounds in my kitchen.  The cats are tired of it, too.  They have been locked up in one room a lot while all the workmen were here and they have cabin fever besides hating the banging  We are living without a kitchen sink.  Did I mention I've been working during all this?

And now things are back to normal.  No workers are scheduled to come and work this week except for the counter top template guy.  The uppers have their doors installed and they look good.  I'm done with work until July (big woohoo for that).  We even got caught up with most of the gardening, at least the parts I need help with.

Tomorrow John is putting up the crown molding.  Then we move the base cabinets into the kitchen for installation.

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