Monday, May 20, 2013

Ready for counter top template!

We are ready for the counter top fabricator to do the template, which happens Wednesday.  John has a few small tasks tomorrow.  My sink, the queen of the kitchen, is in her place (though not yet plumbed).  She is gorgeous.  There is much elation tonight.  Still deciding what to call her... maybe Queen Crosspatch after the fairy queen.

Here is the countertop sample next to the sink



Now is still pretty unfinished.  No drawers yet.  No cabinet hardware.  No counter top.  No window sill.  No faucet.  No back splash.  Floor is partially covered with ramboard, which is a kind of cardboard floor protection.  New cabinets are not painted yet.  Cabinets are empty.  We are also changing the lighting over the sink.  Still, it looks so much better to me.  I like the lines of the new upper cabinets much better.  And the lowers don't have that chopped up stuff to accommodate the dishwasher and the blind corner cabinet.    We have much better and more accessible storage, even without the blind corner.

We made the uppers on the wall with the window two inches less deep to let in more light.  They start two inches lower than the old ones, which makes them look right (more graceful)  and also make the storage more accessible to me since I am short.  That's the great thing about custom cabinets.  They can be right sized for the space.

John is a foot taller than I am and one of our challenges was making the kitchen work for a tall and a short person.  The pullout cutting boards are so I have a work surface at the correct height.  The farmhouse sink also helps me.  I often stood on my tiptoes to wash dishes and where I had to bend to use the old sink made my back hurt.

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