Monday, May 13, 2013

Ready for Demolition Day

It's Demolition Day at last and we are ready.  Everything is out of the cabinets, the sink is disconnected, the appropriate circuits are off, and we are set up for inconvenient cleanup in the basement laundry sink.  In just over an hour Lovett Deconstruction will be here to take the old cabinets and counter out and away.  We used them for the last phase of our project and they do a great job.

Almost ready for demolition

The cabinets really are on their last legs.  They are only twenty years old but they are made of that crappy laminated particle board and it is warping badly.  And, no, they have NOT been wet.  We won't miss the tile counter, that is for sure.  Well actually it is the grout we hate.  The demolition company recycles everything they can but nobody wants this crap.

The next few weeks will be inconvenient with no kitchen sink.  We are already wandering around the kitchen trying to find things.  Automatic pilot no longer works.

The essentials for getting by are here.

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