Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's still spring here

I told you spring lasts a long, long time.  And it is still spring.  Last week was rather chilly and rainy.  This weekend is sunny with perfect temperatures in the mid seventies.  We've been inside working on the kitchen most of the week though we did hang out on the porch during the sun breaks.  Today is gardening day.  The roses have been flowering spectacularly.  Some are past their first flower flush and need some pruning.

This is our daphne transatlantica, which blooms off and on all year and now is loaded with blossoms and fragrance.  It smells divine and often wafts onto the front porch.

I am cutting roses for rose bouquets about twice a week.  They are so fragrant and nice.  The red one is Commitment.  I love the how the darkness makes it rich and velvety looking.