Friday, June 7, 2013

Kitchen progress update and improved storage

Our new sconce is up.  I couldn't resist putting things in place to see how it is going to be.  I've also figured out a great place to hang the kitchen towels.

new sconce 

Monday is counter top installation day.  And Tuesday the plumber does the plumbing.  So close and yet so far away.  I am so tired of camping in the kitchen that even a few days seems a long time.

 Coffee cleanup has been one of the worst things to deal with...who'd a thunk it?  But yesterday I got an AeroPress and that has made cleanup a snap, not to mention that it makes great coffee.  It's very easy to use unless you get carried away worrying about the temperature of the water and the timing.  There are lots of YouTube videos where they make it into a huge number of steps but I just screw in the filter, add the coffee, pour in some boiling water and press.  To clean up, you just eject the coffee puck.  That's cleanup.

We've gained so much storage space in the base cabinets by closing off the blind corner and removing the dishwasher.  Look at all those drawers and they are big.

This is before.   The access to the blind corner took up 12 inches on each side of the corner and the dishwasher used 24 inches which left us with one puny drawer and one puny cabinet to the left of the dishwasher.  See it there, squeezed in between the dishwasher and the blind corner access?  It's so puny that you might have to click on the picture to get a bigger view.

Our old upper cabinets had a corner cabinet like this.  While it may give you a tiny bit more area, it really is a space waster because it is so difficult to access most of it except for the few inches on the front edge.  What we have now provides much better access to the uppers.  And it looks better, too.  The right side cabinet goes all the way to the corner, giving us accessible storage for a few unsightly objects.

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