Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making a new lampshade

I knew that once the counter top was installed, I'd need to adjust the color and lighting in the kitchen.  I am very fussy about color and lighting.  Our kitchen isn't flooded in natural light.  It isn't dark, but it has some areas that need a little more light so I use what I call mood lighting.

Lighting is so important.  I hate bright glaring light.  I like warm inviting light.  I checked out under counter LED lights but rejected that idea for lots of reasons.  I am an incandescent girl.  That other stuff just doesn't make the right kind of light; even the warmest of the LEDs is cold to my eye..  Also, I want pools of light; LEDs don't do that.

We keep a small lamp on the counter that is always on.  It has a 25 watt bulb.  The lamp is pretty old and its shade has needed replacing for a long time.  It was worn and dirty and frayed.  These photos were taken after I removed the trim so I could remind myself of how the sewing was done.  They also show the dirt and wear.

So I made my first lampshade.   I carefully took apart the old one and used it to figure out how much fabric to use.   It is all hand sewn (no glue) and that took a bit of time.  It doesn't have trim yet (the trim hides the raw edges) but I am already pleased with how it looks.

 The fabric isn't as dark and  it lets out more light.

Old shade

 New shade

The lampshade isn't the only lighting change I have planned.  I also ordered some fun little night lights from Amazon and Etsy but they aren't here yet.  This is the fun stuff.  I love figuring out how to make things a little better looking and better functioning.  

Update: I finished the shade.  I just turned the edge under and sewed it by hand.  I did it that way because I liked the way it looks better than with trim.  I like the pleats going to the edge.

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