Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Quilt Part 2

My fabric came.  I found some backing fabric in my stash.  I washed all my fabrics and cut out some of the rectangles for the quilt.  I got my batting today.  I plan to construct the quilt in five lengthwise strips and then put the strips together.

I put down the backing with the batting on top and then laid out the first strip.  It looks like this... aren't the fabrics nice?  The orange one isn't quite what I expected but I think it still works

The strip is a little less than 20 inches wide and about 90 inches long.  One long edge of each rectangle is finished.  Not all rectangles are the same width.  I laid them out sort of like shingles with the long finished edge on top.  The short edges will be covered by red strips.

Next I plan to quilt straight lines paralel to the long strip.  I have not decided how I will keep the pieces in place while I do this.  I might baste them or pin them or even use blue tape.

Pippin loves to help.

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