Monday, July 15, 2013

Ozymandius, King of Kings

Ozymandius is our cat, whose name comes from the poem of the same name.  We call him Ozy.  We got him when he was four (maybe) from the humane society.  He is a big, wonderful kingly cat.  He is also quite fierce.... he bit us and drew blood before we even brought him home from the humane society.

I did not realize that his fierceness would make visits to the vet very difficult.  Nor did I know that he would have a lot of health problems.  He had a bad reaction to a rabies shot and developed an auto immune problem.  They treated it with prednisalone for a long time and that caused him to get pancreatitis.   They wouldn't examine him without sedating him.  It's been hard.

Now the pancreatitis has caused diabetes, which was diagnosed recently.  So, we are struggling to control his glucose (lots of blood tests and insulin).   It's been a roller coaster.  When he feels good I feel happy and hopeful.  When he feels bad, I feel bad, too.  It's so hard to know what to do.  That is the hardest part.

Tracking Ozy's glucose

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JustCallMeElle said...

I just wrote a long comment, and poof, it's gone. Just wanted to reassure you about the insulin shots. We have a cat who did not like handling and did not take kindly to the shots. Meal time became something she looked forward to due to the diabetes symptoms. Eventually, the shots became part of the routine for her and she takes them with a lot less fuss. She still does not like to be handled, but shots are possible.