Sunday, July 21, 2013

Working on my quilt

Yes, I am still working on it.  My friend Margot asked me some questions about how I am putting it together.  Here are some general directions.

Ozy helping

  1. Figure out finished size.  I am planning on about 90-100 inches.
  2. I am constructing this quilt in columns because I hate working with huge pieces.  Each column is half the width of the approximately 42 inch backing.  I cut the backing fabric in half widthwise by the length of the quilt (90 inches).
  3. Lay the backing fabric strip wrong side up and use blue tape to tape it in place (enough to keep it from moving when you lay the batting on top).
  4. Cut a batting strip (such as Warm and Natural) to match the size of the backing strip and lay it on top of the backing.
  5. Cut your front fabrics into rectangles.  I am using a cut size of 13.5 inches by 7 inches wide.  I am using about 10 different fabrics.  Some strips a little wider.
  6. Turn under (finger press) one long edge of the rectangles.
  7. Lay the rectangles out on your batting, varying the colors and how the edges line overlap and pin them.  You will have about three-four strips per column.
  8. Sew the strip  lengthwise, as in photo above.  The finished edge is on top.  This sewing both joins the strips and quilts at the same time.  Only sew strips that overlap.  The edge strips will be sewn down when the columns are joined.
  9. Cut an accent fabric (I am using red) into 2.5 inch strips.
  10. Cut strips to length to cover where the short side of rectangles meet each other.   Pin the strips on and then sew both the long sides (turn under the short sides but do not sew them).


Marti said...

I love batiks. What kind of quilt is it?

donaleen said...
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donaleen said...

the label ROR Bed Quilt will show you all that I have said about the quilt. Thanks for your interest. Glad to answer questions.