Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lap quilt for John

I've started a new quilt for John to use as a lap quilt.  I am using another simple Blues Underground pattern called Modern Thinking.  I really like the design and I like making the blocks.  The blocks are easy to put together and it is easy to get them right, meaning I don't have to pay close attention that I have the right piece.  If you are looking for a first quilt to make, I recommend this one.

The first photo is from a quilt (using the Modern Thinking pattern) that sold on Etsy (it's a local Portland woman who is the vendor).  I think she did a great job.  It makes me think of Josef Albers work on colors next to each other.  It looks great at a distance.  However, in the closeup photo I don't like the fabrics so well.  That's the trick... fabric that looks good close up AND far away.

Modern Thinking Quilt for sale on Etsy

The second photo is a mock up of the colors I have in mind.  I am in a pink and green mood.  I made the mock up by cropping blocks from the photo above and pasting them together.   I've already made several blocks, though some of the blocks have strayed from this color scheme.

My mock up

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