Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Overdyeing Overalls

I wear overalls pretty much all the time unless it is too hot.   I love hickory striped overalls with an important color modification... I over dye them , which means I tub dye them in a bucket of dye.  The blue part stays pretty much the same color and the white part takes the color of the dye.  You CAN use Rit dye but the color fades pretty fast, which can be cool.  If you want the color to last longer use fiber reactive dye.... I get mine from Dharma Trading and I followed their directions for tub dyeing.

Start with this

And get this

I didn't get the color I really wanted... I wanted more of a wine color than a grape color but I think I just chose the wrong color.  I wanted a new color and this is too similar to my old ones.  I can always dye them again....

Hanging out with my others (new ones on left)


ddlip said...

some things never change, thank you jesus!

Kelly Sedinger said...

This is a fantastic idea! Do you have to treat the fabric first in any way, or do anything special to make sure the dye 'sets'?