Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving photos

Now we are in the middle of a terrible horrrible cold snap but just a few days ago it was Thanksgiving and the weather was delightful.  We made Peking duck for Thanksgiving.  The skin didn't come out as crispy as we like so we'll have to try again.  Still, it was an excellent duck.
Drying the duck for Peking Duck

It was a beautiful day and we went for a walk in the park.... lots of people were out enjoying the day.

We did the stairmaster a few times...

Clerodendrum tree, still with flowers and berries

Our peking duck roasting on the grill

The view out an upstairs window.

This is the picture my friend Susan sent me with her Thanksgiving greeting.  The photo was taken in her back yard.  It's such a nice photo.

And here is my latest in progress quilt.

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Marti said...

I looked at your first picture and thought it was a joke photo. I've never had Peking Duck and didn't know it had to be dried first. lol

It looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I love your walking path. We were hit with that cold blast too yesterday.