Friday, January 31, 2014

Another lap quilt

As I said I might here, I changed my mind about its size.  I had planned to make it 9 by 9 squares, which would be 81 inches on a side.  I stopped at 7 by 7 (63 inches on a side).  John wants to use it as his napping quilt and it seemed the right size to him.  I haven't bound it yet and I could make it bigger.  It's in trial use now.  One of the cool things about this technique is it's so easy to change your mind.  I think a repair would be easy, too (cats are hard on fabric items).

I took it out on the porch where the light is better.  My camera needs good light to capture the colors correctly.  This is much more how it looks to my eye.  And it is better if you click on the pictures.

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