Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day Trip to the Lewis River

We haven't been able to camp or hike much since Ozy was diagnosed with diabetes.   We miss both activities and we are trying to find a solution.  We tried taking him with us for a day trip to a favorite spot in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  I wouldn't call it a successful outing.  Even though Ozy was a trooper, pretty much all I got to to do was sit in the back seat with Ozy.

He was very good in the car but not that comfortable in his cat carrier.  I sat beside him in the back seat with the other half folded down.  We were both too cramped to enjoy the ride much.  And it was hard to deal with food and the litter box in the confines of the back seat.

His blood glucose went too low for comfort.  We had medium carb food which we give him to bring up his blood glucose.  If he goes really low, we use maple syrup but I forgot the maple syrup and feeding syringe.  It was stressful to be unprepared for a bad low.  Luckily that didn't happen since we were more than an hour away from the nearest town.  The medium carb was enough to bring him up.  We stopped at the first supermarket on the way home where I tested him again in case we needed to buy some sort of sugar syrup for treating his low blood sugar.  He was fine so we drove on home.

We went to the Lower Falls of the Lewis River, one of our favorite places to camp and hike.  The river is gorgeous and you can hike along it from the campground.   I have some previous posts about Lower Falls and I have more photos of other trips on Flickr.

John went for a short hike (his reward for being the driver).  These are the only pictures I got to take.

 Mount St Helens from McClellan viewpoint.

The water was really high at the falls.

My camera

John's camera

Here are some of John's photos from his hike down river.

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