Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dream Date Hike

Today we got to go for a hike!  But first we started the day with John's breakfast burritos

We dropped Ozy at the vet for part of the day and off we went.  I gave them directions for how we handle his glucose since he is unpredictable.

feed 1oz of low carb at noon; if he is still hungry, feed again at 1 pm
test at noon
if over 100, test again in 3 hrs at 3 pm
if between 70 and 99, test again in 2 hours at 2 pm;
if between 55 and 70, test again in 1 hour at 1 pm
if below 55, follow low glucose directions
if he goes low, you need to retest him every 30 minutes until his glucose is stable/rising
low glucose directions (glucose below 55)
feed 1 oz medium carb
if glucose below 40, also syringe feed .5 tsp (2.5 ml) maple syrup
test every 30 minutes until glucose has reached 60
if glucose does not rise or drops, repeat low glucose directions
Please record his blood glucose readings and the time on this sheet.

It was wonderful to be out and know he was safe.   The air smelled sweet and the light was lovely.  We hiked to Wahkeena Spring where we hung out for a while.

The lollipop had a pretty good stream running through the trail.

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