Monday, May 5, 2014

Memaloose Hills Hike

Today we got to visit the wildflowers at Memaloose Hills.  They were spectacular!  The air smelled THAT is aroma therapy.  The sky had my favorite kinds of clouds.  I got to sit in a wild flower meadow and watch a hummingbird sip nectar from Indian Paintbrush.   And we got a hike.

John took his camera and here are few of me.

Driving out 84... great sky.

One hour later, there we were.  We started on the river side of the road.  Click on the pictures and scroll to see them better.  I can't resist posting a lot of photos; there were a LOT of beautiful flowers.

 Then we crossed the road and we got this.

John decided to walk on while I sat on a log in one of the wildflower meadows.  I was hoping to see a hummingbird, and I did!

That dark shape in the center is a hummingbird.  He was almost at my elbow until I dragged out my camera and turned it on.  Then he moved a bit further away.

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Anonymous said...

wow - how have i missed this! i've never gone hiking in the spring and seen anything so lovely. i see the hummer clearly - how special. there is something about them that is compelling - i just want to sit and watch them. thanks for sharing all the pics!