Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back yard privacy

Our back yard is very small and the house on one side of it is very close.  It's row of second story windows looms over our back yard.  That didn't deter us from buying this house because we figured we could grow a vine to give us privacy.  And we did.  However, the vine was so big that it was invading our neighbors house and was growing up our tree.  It also made the back yard dark.  So we cut it down.

I'd forgotten just how much those windows loom.  Really, we only want privacy in our back yard chairs when we are sitting out there in the summer.  So I got some inexpensive parasols and here is what I did.

From our chairs it looks like this.  The parasols are taped (with blue tape) to bamboo stakes.  I think I need to find a better tape color but otherwise they look great.  And I am hoping they can last at least for the season.

We also potted up two clumping bamboo plants and put the pots on rollers.  It will be a little while before they are large enough to provide much privacy but then we will be able to roll them where we need them for privacy and shade.

This photo was taken from the fence side.  Aren't the canes pretty?

Fargesia Scabrida

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56steps said...

What a fun and fabulous idea. I just found your blog and love what you've done with your garden