Sunday, May 18, 2014

The garden in May

It is now mid spring.  The garden is lush and full of promise.  Everything is growing and looking happy.  And rose season is starting.

We've done some big gardening tasks.  We pruned and weeded and fed the gardens.  We spread three yards of  the fine compost we use for mulch.  We cut down a huge vine that was threatening our neighbor's house and our tree.  There is still a fair amount of it up in that tree...  We got the bamboo patch under control (for the moment).  That one made us really feel strong and tired.   We've done a lot of transplanting.  We made a LOT of trips to Portland Nursery.  Mostly we walk over.  It limits how much we can buy and it is a pretty nice walk.

Ozy makes it hard to get out much so we may as well have a good time here.  There has been a lot of porch sitting.  I wish I could share the scents with you, especially of the roses.  I'll try to take some rose photos for the next post.

fairy meadow 

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