Monday, July 14, 2014

Closet Project

I know I just posted that we are working on our upstairs bathroom and we are.  But that project will take months and the tile and shower door will be done by someone else before John even begins the vanity.  So, in the meantime, John has started work on our big downstairs walk in closet... this closet is almost nine feet long, which is pretty big for an old house!

It's always been in disrepair.  It has some holes in the wall from some wiring projects and the ceiling has water damage that pre-dates our time here.  So yes, that says we have been living with this dilapidated closet for the nineteen years we have been here.  Even dilapidated, it's a nice closet.  But it will be beautiful when John gets done.

John is going to put beadboard on the ceiling as well as repairing the walls and painting the closet.  I love beadboard ceilings.  I wanted one in the kitchen but I'll love it in the closet, too.  Maybe I should move my bedroom into the closet, like Harry Potter.  My closet has a window.  Harry's closet was under the stairs and it didn't have a window.  I like windows in closets a lot, too.

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