Monday, July 14, 2014

Too hot

We are in the midst of a hot spell, though it hasn't been as hot as they predicted.  But still, it has been too hot.  Hot spells always make me think of Oneonta Gorge.

When we had our first hot spell in this house (nearly twenty years ago), our neighbor Charlie took us there to escape the heat.  You wade up the narrow gorge to a swimming hole and waterfall.  It's harder these days because there is a giant log jam at the opening.

I moved a lot of the garden pots to less sunny spots for the duration of the hot spell.  It's fun to have things in pots.  Moving them around can change the garden dramatically.  A few garden photos of our own small oasis in the backyard ...

And here are some of the plants hunkered down in the shade for the heat spell...

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