Monday, September 15, 2014

Upstairs bathroom project update

I wrote about our simple bathroom update here.  The shower has been professionally cleaned and has new floor tile.  DeWolf Tile did a great job.

The new bubbled glass shower door is in.  We got the shower door at ESP Supply.  We like it and it hides the old shower wall tile, which we do not like.

It feels great to be in the shower space.  The bubble glass makes the shower soft and nice.  The bathroom looks like this through the bubble glass.

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Lynne Halloran said...

Those bubbled glass doors did the trick! It looks a lot better than the previous clear glass door, as the bubbles give your shower space a certain charm, and a semi-opaque look for that sense of privacy. Kudos to you for nailing this project. Good luck on your future renovation projects, and have a nice day!

Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass Service, Inc.