Thursday, September 18, 2014

Woven Strips Quilt Design

I am playing with 2.5 inch strips.  You can buy pre-cut strips in nice color combinations.  I am going to start with those and probably supplement from my fabric stash.  This is a simple design because it uses all the same size pieces and they are cut from strips.  This design will allow me to play with the colors as I go along, and that is one of my favorite things.

I used Excel for this design.  I used borders, format copy/paste, and fill colors to make my design.   Oh, yes and I used a macro to make the cells square.

 The "blocks" are not square blocks but why do they have to be? 

The design is just the idea to get started.  The quilt I make will not be colored like this.  It will have more variation and probably very different colors.  Who knows what else will be different... I often change things as I go along.  I don't like being locked into a plan.

I am still thinking about construction.  I may highlight the texture by using an extra layer of batting in the vertical strips.  I think I will sew the five strips parts together right sides together in the convential manner.  I may use the zig zag stitch on the vertical ones.  Then I can quilt that extra batting layer at the same tie I piece those together.

Here are my notes on fabric requirements and cutting the pieces.
Use 2.5 inch strips
finished blocks are 16 wide by 10 high
40 blocks total (5 blocks wide by 8 blocks high)
quilt is 80 inches square
320 strips total (8 strips per block, x 40 blocks)
all strips are cut 10.5 long (or cut full width strips in quarters)
80 fabric strips (320 block size strips/ 4 strips per fabric width)
To use two colorways as pictured:
120 vertical  weave colorway block strips (3 strips per block time 40 blocks)
30 vertical weave fabric strips (120 divided by 4 per strip)
200 horizontal weave colorway blocks strips (5 strips per block times 40 blocks)
50 horizontals weave fabric strips (200 divided by 4 strips per block)

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