Tuesday, November 4, 2014

John making dinner... and, a new camera!

In my last post I expressed my disappointment in both the Coolpix L30 and the S6800.  I remembered my friend Dave had a P series Coolpix that he used on his big adventure with Nancy.  He really liked it so I decided to give one a try.  I got a Coolpix P340 and I found my new camera!

It fits in my bib overalls pocket.  It seems to be better at everything than my old camera.  And, not surprisingly, it cost more.

My L22 had a limited light range that it would work in without a flash.  And the flash made the colors really garish.  That meant I couldn't take acceptable indoor photos unless the light was really bright.  I couldn't take photos of John making dinner.  I couldn't take good photos in our kitchen.  But now I can.

This camera has more functions and features than I know how to use but right out of the box, with no work on my side, it does better than my old one.

Last night John made a delicious beet soup.

the beautiful cabinets John made

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Exuberant Color said...

It makes a world of difference when the camera picks up the light in the room. I noticed that too with my last camera purchase. Beautiful kitchen!