Friday, May 22, 2015

Dancing is good for body and soul

I like to dance.  I hope I can still move like Dick Van Dyke for as long as I live....

Monday, May 18, 2015

Roses and poppies and sweet peas, oh my!

The roses and sweet peas and nicotiana are making our garden smell divine!

Vicki Welsh hand dyed fabric

I recently purchased two fat eight stash builder fabric packs from Vicki Welsh.  She makes such beautiful fabric!  I folded them in half and laid them on the bed.  Then I put some scraps on top of some of the squares.  This is how I play!  Not sure what I will do but I sure am having fun with them.  Wanda, would you like some bits of these?

Another wonky set of blocks on my design wall

These are not sewn together yet.

Here is my first wonky quilt.

My cutting table

My table was too low for cutting so I asked John to make it taller.

These are the little blocks he made.  The side with the round holes is where the table leg fits in (it has some kind of metal glider at the bottom of the legs.)

The table legs before....

The little blocks raise the table height two inches.  The table legs after....

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden flowers

Stained glass for my work room window

I asked John to make me a small stained glass piece for a window pane in one of my workroom windows.  I drew the shape, we talked about the colors, he did the work.  It's a very simple piece because there are actual spaces between the shapes, there are no glass seams (no copper foil, etc).  The glass is so beautiful, it didn't need anything complicated.

On the other hand the wooden frame the glass sits in is probably quite sophisticated since John made it....