Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our oven died AGAIN

Our oven died again.  We've had it about four and a half years.  It has had two manufacturing defects (see this post for its history); this time it had a dead element.  We were fortunate to get Steve to diagnose and repair it again this time.  He is so very good at his job and so responsible.  He was about to go on vacation when I got in touch with him but before he went, he ordered the part he thought it would be.  He came with the part and he was right about what had failed.  So, he gets points for being responsible, smart, and experienced.

Anyway, it's now fixed.  I didn't use it yesterday since it was 96 and we barely wanted to eat let alone use the oven.  We had to wait 10 days for Steve to get back from vacation.  We could have used another tech sooner but we chose to wait for Steve.

Steve says the part that failed, the heating unit on the convection fan, is the most common element failure on this oven.  That heating element comes on to help preheat the oven for all the functions we use.

It's going to be cool for a few days and now I can make blueberry muffins and roasted vegetables and peach/blueberry cobbler.  The foods of summer.

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