Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall color

We don't get as much fall color as some places.  Maybe we just don't have enough sugar maples.  

The rain finally started yesterday.  I think we are all glad to see it after such a dry spring and summer.  Here is the back yard looking sprightly in the rain.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Quilt progress

I had to check out how it will be as a lap quilt.  And I picked a backing.  I am loving it.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Quilt I am working on

This quilt is made from the fabric I won from Vicki Welsh's site.  I love it so much I can't stand to cut it.  I am appliqueing batik strips on to it.

I am backing the strip areas with batting; the extra layer of batting will make them stand out more.

Note my fancy ironing board work space.   It always pleases me when I figure out a rinky dink way to work.

Garden last part of October

I love the salvias

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thor's Well

When we were at Cape Perpetua last week a photographer was knocked down by a wave.  I didn't see it happen.  I saw him soaking wet with a bleeding leg and I think he may have been in shock.  I believe he was photographing Thor's Well when it happened.

I read a blog post about a group of photographers who drove down to Cape Perpetua to photograph Thor's Well in ideal conditions (high tide and sunset).  The blog post is pretty interesting and entertaining.

Here is a video of one of those photographers and he is really close to the edge of Thor's Well... closer than I would go.  You can see how one could get knocked down by a wave.

The photo below was taken by one of the photographers in that group.

 Boy would I like to be there in such perfect conditions but a little further from the edge..... sigh.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

More good bits on the Oregon coast

This is Seal Rocks, another favorite spot with ROCKS and CRASHING WAVES.

Breakfast at the Green Salmon in Yachats.  I swear they have the best pastry in the world.  We went twice.  It was warm and sunny and we sat outside both times.  The Green Salmon is a Free Trade "conscious business".  So all of our meals came from "Portlandia" types businesses (have you ever seen the chicken skit?).  Pretty cool.

Newport boradwalk

We ate our dinners (all of them) at Local Ocean Seafood in Newport.  The food was really good and good food isn't that easy to find on the coast.  The restaurant uses local sustainable fish and is owned by a woman whose father is a Newport fisherman.  You can see more about the restaurant and Laura Anderson at NOAA.

The view from the cabin 

John spent a LOT of time reading and napping and gazing at the view.  I got more than a little bored.

We walked on the beach

That's me enjoying some barefoot time on the beach.

John's photos of the sunset

I got to see Seal Rocks again.

And then we drove home.

This is a link to our last trip to the central Oregon coast.  The time before that we went with John's mom in July... she was prepared for the beach and instead we got cold and windy and inhospitable.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Visit to Yaquina Head

The lighthouse visible from our cabin is at Yaquina Head.  The lighthouse was just restored and Yaquina Head is my kind of place (rocks and crashing waves).

These are the doors at the center where we signed up for the lighthouse tour.

The lens at the top of the lighthouse.  It's been adapted to electric but still uses its Fresnl lens.

View from the light chamber

Me going down the spiral staircase inside the lighthouse.

After the tour we explored the head a little.  This is a rock off shore.

These next two photos are Cobble Beach, which has stones and not sand.  It makes a wonderful sound when the waves go in and out.

Here is someone else's video with the sound of the rocks.  It was close to high tide when we were there and it was louder.

Cape Perpetua

I love Cape Perpetua.  You can have your sandy beaches.  Give me rocks and crashing waves and lots of foam.

Devil's Churn

The stairway down to the tide pools (near high tide).

Cook's Chasm

Whipped egg white foam at Cooks Chasm.  Once we were there after a big storm and there was lots of whipped foam being thrown high in the air into fantastic shapes.  I hope I get to see that again sometime.

Cape Perpetua trail map.... this is where these photos were taken
Site with great info on Cape Perpetua