Friday, October 16, 2015

Birthday trip to central Oregon coast

We spent three nights in Newport at a place with an amazing view that also had an unbelievable sense of privacy.  Newport's beach is crowded with ugly housing and worse hotels and yet we couldn't see any of them from where we stayed.

View from deck

We didn't have great access to the beach from the cabin.  Our host said we could use the private path and we did once.  It was posted as no trespassing and at one point you are practically in someone's living room.  We only did it once because it felt so invasive.  It was a pretty cool path down the bluff with lots of stairs ... John says 164 stairs.

Our little cabin from the beach

Even though it felt and looked absolutely private, this is how it really is in Newport.
 Photos inside the cabin

 John napping on the deck.
 Sunset from the deck

We always take quilts and pillows when we stay somewhere.  It adds some color and comfort.  It also means we have things we can use outside.

I'll post more about what we did and where we went.

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