Sunday, October 18, 2015

More good bits on the Oregon coast

This is Seal Rocks, another favorite spot with ROCKS and CRASHING WAVES.

Breakfast at the Green Salmon in Yachats.  I swear they have the best pastry in the world.  We went twice.  It was warm and sunny and we sat outside both times.  The Green Salmon is a Free Trade "conscious business".  So all of our meals came from "Portlandia" types businesses (have you ever seen the chicken skit?).  Pretty cool.

Newport boradwalk

We ate our dinners (all of them) at Local Ocean Seafood in Newport.  The food was really good and good food isn't that easy to find on the coast.  The restaurant uses local sustainable fish and is owned by a woman whose father is a Newport fisherman.  You can see more about the restaurant and Laura Anderson at NOAA.

The view from the cabin 

John spent a LOT of time reading and napping and gazing at the view.  I got more than a little bored.

We walked on the beach

That's me enjoying some barefoot time on the beach.

John's photos of the sunset

I got to see Seal Rocks again.

And then we drove home.

This is a link to our last trip to the central Oregon coast.  The time before that we went with John's mom in July... she was prepared for the beach and instead we got cold and windy and inhospitable.

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