Saturday, October 17, 2015

Visit to Yaquina Head

The lighthouse visible from our cabin is at Yaquina Head.  The lighthouse was just restored and Yaquina Head is my kind of place (rocks and crashing waves).

These are the doors at the center where we signed up for the lighthouse tour.

The lens at the top of the lighthouse.  It's been adapted to electric but still uses its Fresnl lens.

View from the light chamber

Me going down the spiral staircase inside the lighthouse.

After the tour we explored the head a little.  This is a rock off shore.

These next two photos are Cobble Beach, which has stones and not sand.  It makes a wonderful sound when the waves go in and out.

Here is someone else's video with the sound of the rocks.  It was close to high tide when we were there and it was louder.

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