Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the home front

Since it is cold and dark and too often windy, I am inside a lot.  We do walk every day, often for errands.  Yesterday we walked twice running errands.  I try to get an average of walking 3 miles a day.  Yesterday it was more than four.  But some days it is only two miles.

It will be sunny and dry and windy and cold.  I prefer the rain to the wind.  With the sun, I will probably see all the dust and dust bunnies.... I see house cleaning in my future.

 This is the piece I used to test my ideas for the last quilt.  I liked it well enough to pin it up on the door.  The edges are not finished.  I like them this way.  John would prefer a border and finishing.  He is like that.  My friend Margot always thinks I should mat them and frame them.  I like it this way so this is how it is.

This is a strip quilt, sewn together and stitch in the ditch quilted (to hold the layers together).  Next I am going to add narrow strips going the other direction.  These are just some leftover strips I was trying out.  That is Pippin's tail in the photo.  He likes to "help".

The center of this piece is hand dyed silk fabrics from Frieda Anderson.  I have had them for a while and they were already backed with fusing glue.  The bigger outside piece for the background is a Vicki Welsh hand dyed piece.  I am planning on hand quilting the background.  You have to have a quilter's imagination to understand...

And here is that quilt I finished recently.  I am still really liking it.  It looks so good rumpled up, which is how it lives.


Anonymous said...

I like the door piece exactly as it is! Vicki
(I had to post anonymous because it wouldn't take my Google ID)

donaleen said...

I wonder why Google is like that? Thanks for persevering and commenting anyway. It's always an honor when you stop in.

AnnMarie Cowley said...

I like the thin vertical strips.

AnnMarie Cowley said...

I like the thin vertical strips.