Friday, January 15, 2016

Working on my new quilt

I really am inspired by Beth Aten's big stitch quilting.  I felt that thrill and KNEW it was for me.  The first part of a trial project always stymies me because I have to use my precious fabric.   I like the process of figuring out how I am going to construct something but I fear wasting my precious fabric while I am figuring it out.

The colors are better than they look in the photo but my reluctance to use the most precious fabric interferes with the color choices (as in can't use that, I love it too much).  But I did use that one red that I love too much and, yes, it was difficult for me.   Sigh...

The quilt is small, about 12 inches square.   I decided to use my old favorite the nine patch design.   I figured out a construction process that works for me.   Not too fussy.  No jibber jabber.

I am especially enjoying the big stitch quilting with perle cotton size 8 with a size seven needle.  I don't use a hoop (dislike them).  This quilting feels good to do and I like how it looks.  I can do it in fairly low light which means I can quilt while we watch videos.  This type of quilting really is for me.  Hooray!

Incandescent light

Natural light on cloudy day


Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

Beautiful, as usual. :)

Joy said...

I'm really liking it. Had to laugh... I so understand that reluctance to use the 'special' fabric. I'm struggling with that now on a project! It's like, no, no, that is for something REALLY special!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It is looking good!