Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quilts in progress

I am doing a lot of handwork, which makes me happy.  I am still obsessed with big stitch quilting and skinny lines.  I have several skinny line pieces (not sure if they are blocks or pieces) in progress plus my green and red wavey piece.

I put on the back by hand tying it.  I had already done the big stitch quilting through the front and batting so I just needed to attach the back.  It is completely sewn by hand.  The ties look good on the backing fabric.  First I tried some additional handquilting but I didn't like it as well as the ties.

I also trimmed the outer edges so they are wavy and I am hand sewing on the "binding".    I love the green batik on the edge.

This one has its skinny lines attached by hand.  I guess you'd call it appliqued.

This one is pinned but not sewn.  My goal is always to enhance the background, make it look dimensional.

Here you can see some of the hand sewing.  Sometimes I use a contrasting thread and I make it show.  I think they look like tiny cleats holding the fabric on.

I have three more pieces that I am big stitch quilting.  Today the sun is coming out after a long dreary wet time.  I am going outside.

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