Thursday, March 10, 2016

Soap box on light bulbs

I don't like the new lighting.  I am a strict incandescent person.  My neighbor Lori, who feels the same way, asked me if I was hoarding "real" light bulbs because they are going away.  I hadn't thought about that.  So I did a survey of every light bulb in our house and then we bought enough of the right kind of bulbs to get us through our life time.  Yes, I actually did that.

Do they use more energy?  Yes, but not compared to say your refrigerator or your computer or many many other things.  Worrying about your light bulbs electricity usage is like taking your shoes off for the TSA.... it's theater.

I do have hopes for this, though....


barbara woods said...

less hope they hurry and produce them so we can buy some

Joy said...

I'm with you. They make a room feel weird, like some sort of holding facility.