Friday, March 18, 2016

Pieces in progress

These are the pieces I've been working on stuck on top of my wonky quilt.  It's a perfect place to look at things since it is across from where I sit and work.  

All the wonky patches except the left top one are covered by things I am working on.  None are finished.  They may or may not go together.  The skinny line pieces are all new.  The others have been around for a while but recently have been big stitch quilted.

Except for the center block the skinny line pieces were made by rotary cutting half inch strips and running them through my quarter inch binding maker.  Torn edge pieces are hard to put through the binder.  But I love torn edges.  It's very hard for me to cut a torn edge.

Yes, I am having fun.

I like the big stitch quilting with this background.  The colors and textures work for me.

This is probably my favorite.  The strips are torn skinny strips.  I like the fringey edges.  I also like the simple stitch down the center.  However, this method would not be good for heavy use objects.  Always a drawback....

My goal is to enhance the background.  Not sure I made that happen with this one...

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