Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring in the back yard

Our backyard is very small, more like an outdoor room than a back yard (27 feet by 18 feet).   Most things are in pots.  There is a semicircle of soil about 2 feet wide between the concrete patio and the fence but few things will grow there because it is so wet in winter (we get our neighbor's water).  There is a tree that grows in the corner.  I do have a vine maple, a yellow twigged dogwood, and some soloman's seal.  Everything else I ever planted in the soil died.  

So we use pots.  Most things can over winter in pots outside in this climate.  There are advantages to pots.  You can move them around so the best looking ones are most visible. We keep some of the big pots on wheels so we can move them easily.  Sometimes we put a pot on top of something to get more height to display the plant.

The back yard is a pretty tough environment.  Most of the direct sun comes in late afternoon to that corner near the garage (where we put the BBQ).  Most plants don't like just hot afternoon sun.  We manage to keep our tiny back yard inviting and provide for wildlife (bird seed, hummingbird food and water).  Another thing: it doesn't take long to get it cleaned up.

Part of the last two days were spent cleaning it up and arranging everything for the season.

Iceland poppy... this was an impulse buy.  It really lights up the back yard.

Choysia "Aztec Pearl"

Hosta in a new red pot.

I have always hated the color of the concrete and this year I am going to try staining it.  I have my samples and my plan.  All I need is the right weather.  And I have to clean the concrete, which I usually avoid doing because it looks better dirty.

From the back door.

BBQ tucked in by the garage

I got two metal chairs at Fred Meyer.  They are light, comfortable, stack and fade into the background.  When you have a small space, these are THE chairs to have.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

So is everything in pots in the back yard? That isn't much larger than my living room.

Mitakka Engineering said...

Very beautiful spring photos and garden with nice plants! :)