Sunday, May 22, 2016

Don't move to Portland

Portland is going through phenomenal growth and that has raised housing prices causing many people to lose their homes, especially renters.  In addition, much of the city land that homeless used to camp on has been or is being developed, says the mayor.   So, help the homeless and the poor who are losing their homes to development.  Don't move to Portland.  

We've always had homeless people in Portland and people are pretty tolerant of the homeless.   But the problem has become too large to handle.  In addition, we have a relatively new homeless element in Portland that is pretty scary and very destructive.  Not all of the homeless, but some of them.  The scary ones are mostly young and they are not interested in another lifestyle.  They want to live on the street.  They say they like the freedom.

They are camping all over our city.  And they do not clean up after themselves.  Our police and parks departments are having to clean up deplorable messes.... needles, human feces, huge piles of garbage.   The parks people empty shit buckets for the homeless.  That sounds bad to me but they say having to do that is preferable to cleaning up the other places they poop.

I am seriously concerned about Portland, which is a place I love.  The growth is killing us.

This is the most insightful article I have read on our homeless situation.

And this is the kind of mess I mean....



And besides the homeless, we have horrible construction site messes everywhere, making it difficult to walk.  It's even hard in the day time let alone at night.

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