Sunday, May 1, 2016

John at the beach

The place we stayed is not for beach lovers (or kids for that matter).  There are no big sandy stretches you can walk to without crossing a creek which is doable if you don't mind taking your shoes off and wading across.  There are pocket beaches (small beaches)  sandwiched between rocky areas within easy walking distance but no big beaches.  John loved where we were but he also likes to walk on expansive beaches.  So we drove five miles (are we wimps?) to reach Tillicum beach.  It was just the ticket with miles and miles of wide sandy beach.  I think you can walk on the beach all the way to Waldport, which is about 9 miles away.

John walking on the beach

Entering the walkway to Tillicum Beach (from the Day Use area)

The entrance to Tillicum beach

It's a very wide beach as well as a very long beach

Pattern colorations in the sand

More patterns in the sand made by I know not what...

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