Monday, May 2, 2016

Not so pretty stuff

This is a homeless person sleeping in the bus stop on the way to  the farmer's market.... still there when we walked back as well.   I don't think I can go for a walk without seeing homeless people (they are that prevalent).  The mayor claims they are all local but I've been asking them and hardly anyone I talk to is from Portland. The city also claims that many homeless in Portland are families.  Those are not the ones I see.  I see mostly young people in their 20's and 30's. 

Note the portable toilet in the background.  I think that is one of the toilets they have placed around Portland in hopes the homeless will stop pooping and peeing all over the place.   

So if you are from out of town and are thinking of visiting lovely Portland, expect this kind of thing and much worse.


The city government has a 30 year plan.  I hate the plan.  I can't believe they think they can plan for the future when they can't take care of the present.

One of the ugliest and most dangerous areas of Portland is the Springwater Corridor, which is a path they built for walking and bicycling and is now heavily used by homeless campers.   They can't even fix that.  The trail is not safe.  There is lots of violence.  It's very trashy and ugly.  The people who live near the trail are also having many issues with the homeless.  I  read that the city is getting 300-400 complaints per day about the Springwater.  And now there are two lawsuits against the city about their mismanagement of the trail.

This map is from an Oregonian news item (says Google).  The map is now missing from the story, which is about this incident some time ago.  

source- Google photos, back source gone
Bike Portland has a lot to say about the state of the Springwater Corridor.    Here are some other links.

Springwater corridor safety

Dangers on Springwater prompt summer camp to cancel

And it is not just the Springwater corridor.... it is everywhere except in the very wealthiest neighborhoods.  Somehow they are protected.  For example, the mayor lives across the street from a place that never sees any homeless problem.  Looks like a great place to camp to me.  I think it is a golf course.  We could buy it and give it to the homeless.  They can use Charlie's bathroom.

Tent city near Hawthorne Bridge cleared.... needles and garbage left behind.

79 homeless camp fires in last two months

Google image search on Portland homeless

I could go on and on.....

So, if you are thinking of visiting or moving, expect this ugliness.  And soon the Travelers will be arriving in large numbers.  Those are the young homeless by choice people who travel up and down the west coast and like to summer in Portland.  Some are very aggressive and scary, much like feral animals.   The city is making some attempt to hide them from tourists, which means pushing them into neighborhoods.

Outdoor store worker assaulted


Why young homeless unwelcome in tourist areas

Still want to come?

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