Friday, May 6, 2016

Too ugly and too big

Here is another atrocity the city allowed to be built.  They tore down a bungalow and put up this.  I bet it doesn't have any more people living in it than the bungalows around it.  The trees have been removed to make way for this ugly monstrosity.  It is taking light from the neighbors.  Nobody made out except the greedy developer and the tasteless folks who live there.  The constructions looks cheap, cheap, cheap.

Take back our city.

This isn't as big but it sure is ugly.  I've seen better looking chicken coops.  But this is a HOUSE.  John says it gives even snout houses a bad name.

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Vicki W said...

You are right on both accounts! At least the second one is on scale to it's neighbors. My friend loved in a cute bungalow neighborhood here. When she sold her house the city let the new owners tear it down and build a house that was 3 stories and took up the entire lot. It is hideous.