Thursday, June 23, 2016

Portland walking... ain't what it used to be

Yesterday we ran a few errands on foot, which is normal for us.  All the development gets ever closer and more intense.  I hate it.

Here is a temporary sidewalk around a building site.

You can't see over the plastic into the building site when you are walking.  It's a little nerve-racking to hear all that equipment so close and yet you can't see it.  If something happened, there you are, stuck in a tunnel with no exit.

It was very very noisy.  John said it was the heavy equipment.  I would hate to live within earshot of it and a lot of people do.

It used to be a food cart pod.

This is Movie Madness, where we returned a video.  Movie Madness rental prices are often quite a bit cheaper than streaming rentals from Amazon.  For example, the DVD rental from Movie Madness was $3.75 (it was a new release) and from Amazon streaming, it was $5.99.  It doesn't make sense to me that streaming costs  60%  more than renting the DVD.  Plus I get to keep the DVD longer (three days vs two days).

This is across the street from Movie Madness where they tore down three houses and all their trees.  You can see some of the trees stacked up at the left edge.

Then we walked on to Hawthorne which is also in heavy development.  It's so nasty out there that it makes me long for headphones and anything to take me away from reality.  So sad.

I guess I am not the only one complaining about the difficulty walking/biking in all the construction.  The city is considering doing something.  It LOOKS like they will, but we shall see.

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