Monday, July 25, 2016

Dream Date Hike Triple Falls

Today we went out the gorge and hiked up a little past Triple Falls, about 4.5 miles altogether.  We got an early enough start that it wasn't too busy on the way up but the crowds were pretty bad on the way down.  Lots of tourists without any trail etiquette.

Horsetail Falls from the parking lot

Coming up on Ponytail Falls.  You can see theRock of Ages trail start on the left there.  It's not one I have ever taken.  Too steep for me.

Behind Ponytail Falls

Oneonta Falls

A large section of the trail went out winter before last.  The new part is quite steep and not as stable as I would like.

I didn't even take a photo of Triple Falls.  We walked past it to a spot on the creek and hung out for a while.

John hardly ever takes a picture of me and these came out pretty well.

There were several big trees down along the trail.  We had some heavy rains the last few falls.  That plus the trail usage probably did them in.

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