Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I like this process

I like playing with my quilt process so that it emphasizes spending the most time on my favorite aspects which are playing with color and hand quilting.

In this case, I fused  wonder under onto a small rectangle of cotton batting and arranged colored blocks of fabric on top of the batting and then fused  them together.  This left everything pretty well anchored to the batting with free edges where the blocks overlapped.   I like the free edges.  I then big stitch quilted the piece with Valdani perle cotton, size 8.   And now I am playing with fusing small strips on top.  They aren't fused yet, just pinned on.  I like this process. It is fun.

I left it un-square because it might become part of something else.


Vicki W said...

Have you tried Mistyfuse? It will fuse the fabric to the batting but will be much easier to stitch than WonderUnder.

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