Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The greedy idiots are still destroying Portland

There are lots of demolitions of wonderful houses.  Every now and then people get excited about a specific grand home and they save it.  I am more upset by the many less expensive less grand but still wonderful bungalows that get destroyed every day, especially by the hated Vic Remmers, AKA Everett Custom Homes.  May a curse be on you if you buy one.  There is already a curse on him.

Here is a grand home in Eastmoreland (a pricey Portland neighborhood) that Remmers is slated to demolish.  Boy is he ever greedy.  And Portland lets him get away with it.  I am losing respect for my beloved city.


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Anonymous said...

What can we do? This greedy trend is so appalling! I feel my city is letting us down.