Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Spaceship

This house is called the Spaceship because of all it's blazing lights.

Source: Stop Demolishing Portland

"This house sold earlier this year for $900,000.
It's a great example of the realities of the City's claim that we have to accept all this redevelopment to 'increase density' to accommodate the "climate refugees".

No one lives there.
It's owned by someone with an address in Vegas that's a building on the strip - $1.3-million-and-up condos.
This house is used only as an Airbnb - I got that from a neighbor, and there's a recent complaint about it, filed at the City.

It was completed in 2015 but has already had serious water-intrusion problems.
If you're familiar with University Park, you'll see how-ridiculous this house looks at the location."

Quote from Stop Demolishing Portland

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Paule-Marie said...

I have been following your postings about what is happening in Portland. I agree with you about the idiocy of tearing down all those lovely old houses. Just can't imagine what they are thinking. It's like the redevelopment days in San Francisco when they were tearing down all the wonderful Victorians. I must say though, I do like the house that you posted today. It just doesn't belong where they built it.