Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rinky dink project.... dyeing kitchen towels

Several years ago I purchased some huck towels from the Rag Lady (on Amazon).   Over the years they got a bit dingy and I couldn't find any replacements I liked.  I've been working on learning to dye fabric and so I have leftover dye.  I use it to over dye those dingy faded towels.

Here are some of them (some are in the laundry)

This is how they look before dyeing

 I soak them in soda ash solution before applying the dye.  That is my dye solution in 2 oz bottles.


Vicki W said...

I overdye things like that often. It's a great way to give them new life and to practice color mixing with dyes.

best essay writer said...

Kitchen towels are very essential and everyone needs them the most. Thanks for the idea. I will search for similar ones too because I am fed up of paper towels. These towels must last longer.