Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Garden view

We were gone four days.  When we left the garden seemed sparse and very neat.  We came back to rather overgrown with lots of flowers.

Harpo enjoying the sun and roses...

It seems all of our weather has been record breaking..... although we are way above normal for rain for the water year (begins in October), we have had very little rain in March and April.  And record breaking heat.  It's looking like a hot dry summer again says the weather man.  Climate change seems to have come to Portland.  I already bought some portulaca.  It doesn't do well in a normal Portland summer; it did great last year.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Not so pretty stuff

This is a homeless person sleeping in the bus stop on the way to  the farmer's market.... still there when we walked back as well.   I don't think I can go for a walk without seeing homeless people (they are that prevalent).  The mayor claims they are all local but I've been asking them and hardly anyone I talk to is from Portland. The city also claims that many homeless in Portland are families.  Those are not the ones I see.  I see mostly young people in their 20's and 30's. 

Note the portable toilet in the background.  I think that is one of the toilets they have placed around Portland in hopes the homeless will stop pooping and peeing all over the place.   

So if you are from out of town and are thinking of visiting lovely Portland, expect this kind of thing and much worse.


The city government has a 30 year plan.  I hate the plan.  I can't believe they think they can plan for the future when they can't take care of the present.

One of the ugliest and most dangerous areas of Portland is the Springwater Corridor, which is a path they built for walking and bicycling and is now heavily used by homeless campers.   They can't even fix that.  The trail is not safe.  There is lots of violence.  It's very trashy and ugly.  The people who live near the trail are also having many issues with the homeless.  I  read that the city is getting 300-400 complaints per day about the Springwater.  And now there are two lawsuits against the city about their mismanagement of the trail.

This map is from an Oregonian news item (says Google).  The map is now missing from the story, which is about this incident some time ago.  

source- Google photos, back source gone
Bike Portland has a lot to say about the state of the Springwater Corridor.    Here are some other links.

Springwater corridor safety

Dangers on Springwater prompt summer camp to cancel

And it is not just the Springwater corridor.... it is everywhere except in the very wealthiest neighborhoods.  Somehow they are protected.  For example, the mayor lives across the street from a place that never sees any homeless problem.  Looks like a great place to camp to me.  I think it is a golf course.  We could buy it and give it to the homeless.  They can use Charlie's bathroom.

Tent city near Hawthorne Bridge cleared.... needles and garbage left behind.

79 homeless camp fires in last two months

Google image search on Portland homeless

I could go on and on.....

So, if you are thinking of visiting or moving, expect this ugliness.  And soon the Travelers will be arriving in large numbers.  Those are the young homeless by choice people who travel up and down the west coast and like to summer in Portland.  Some are very aggressive and scary, much like feral animals.   The city is making some attempt to hide them from tourists, which means pushing them into neighborhoods.

Outdoor store worker assaulted


Why young homeless unwelcome in tourist areas

Still want to come?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

John's birthday trip to the coast

We went to the coast for John's birthday.  We had a wonderful time.  Although we loved it, everyone wouldn't.  It's a rocky place with no beach and very dangerous for children.  There are more posts before this one if you missed them and are interested.

Happy Birthday John!  This was taken at the Underground Pub in Yachats.  The food was good.   We enjoyed the locals who hang out there.   They were having a good time, too.

This was my favorite thing to watch.  The water rushes in to this crevice splashing wildly and smashing into the end and coming up out of the blow hole.  Ahhh....

I always bring quilts and pillows for color and comfort.   This is only a few of the ones I took.

My eyes saw more detail than my camera but still I like it.

 Me poking around on the rocks below the house.

Oh you beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Edit:  My friend Dave pointed out that the photo above has a crooked horizon as do many of my ocean photos.  I was trying to catch the waves at the right time (I did not succeed all the time).    Sorry about that.  It drives me a little crazy now that he pointed it out.  But the crooked horizon adds to the chaos of the waves so I am sticking with it....

Trail 804

I think we walked all of the 804 trail but not all at once.   Some of my post Walking in Yachats has photos from the section of the trail with visible houses.  This is the part between Smelt Sands State Park walling north to the end onto a nice beach but not a huge beach like Tillicum which is further north.

This section of the 804 trail has a different kind of rock which is smoother.  I suggest this site for more information and photos of the trail.

It was a misty day and it was beautiful out there.

John at the beach

The place we stayed is not for beach lovers (or kids for that matter).  There are no big sandy stretches you can walk to without crossing a creek which is doable if you don't mind taking your shoes off and wading across.  There are pocket beaches (small beaches)  sandwiched between rocky areas within easy walking distance but no big beaches.  John loved where we were but he also likes to walk on expansive beaches.  So we drove five miles (are we wimps?) to reach Tillicum beach.  It was just the ticket with miles and miles of wide sandy beach.  I think you can walk on the beach all the way to Waldport, which is about 9 miles away.

John walking on the beach

Entering the walkway to Tillicum Beach (from the Day Use area)

The entrance to Tillicum beach

It's a very wide beach as well as a very long beach

Pattern colorations in the sand

More patterns in the sand made by I know not what...

Cape Perpetua and Heceta Head

Although we spent most of our time walking or at the house, we did drive down the coast as far as Heceta Head and we spent some time at Cape Perpetua, which is only one mile south of where we stayed but there is no trail (there used to be one but it is not passable now).   I love Cape Perpetua and being close to Cape Perpetua was a criteria for where we stayed.

Cape Perpetua was a little disappointing this time.  They are doing massive amounts of road work, I think widening the road, and the road work was unpleasantly noisy.  Also much of the foliage was damaged.  Maybe they had unusually cold weather recently.  So we didn't stay all that long.   Besides some of my favorite things about Cape Perpetua are crashing waves, Spouting Horn and Cook's Chasm.  I pretty much had all those things right out the window of the house where we stayed.

Cape Perpetua

I think these are barnacles

Anemones and barnacles

 A hedge of salal looking pretty good.  Much of it did not look this good and had bald spots and dead foliage.

 Heceta Head with its light house.  You can rent rooms in the old lighthouse keepers house.   I always wanted to stay there but the rooms are frightfully expensive.  And they made a really ugly parking lot that is visible from the house kind of ruining the wild feel of the place.  Too bad.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Greatest show on earth

The views from the house were mesmerizing.  The weather was different everyday and combined with the tides and all the rock formations, it was the greatest show on earth.