Friday, October 7, 2016

Birthday season drive

My birthday season is underway.    So John took me for a drive out the gorge.

The first two photos are the camera's  different interpretations of the light, depending on where I focus.

 I didn't notice the trash when I was taking the photos.  Too bad I didn't pick it up first.

Garden in early October

Friday, September 30, 2016

Recommended Video: Back in Time for the Weekend

Not so long ago I recommended Back in Time for Dinner.  Now the BBC has another series called Back in Time for the Weekend.   The BBC site says:  For one summer the Ashby Hawkins family give up their 21st-century technology and travel back in time to discover the radical transformation of our leisure time since 1950.

 I can't find a decent copy on YouTube but I found this site.

Back in Time for the Weekend

Here is a review.  It was harder to be female in the 50's.

The BBC remodeled the house for each decade:

  "Every era we completely redecorated their house, even putting in extra walls, doors, garden fences and a shed. Our art department repainted, wallpapered, carpeted and re-furnished their house, often in just three days, whilst the family were living in a rented house nearby. The family moved out of their house before filming began for the 50s and before every decade, only saw the changes as they stepped through the door on the first day of filming for each episode."

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Great White Whale

The houses being built in Portland keep getting uglier and bigger, towering over their neighbors.  I guess it is pretty cheap to build when there is no trim....  ugh.

 This is their rendering.  Note the fake trees and grass and the missing neighbor houses.

And yes, there are TWO of them, one behind the other.  Once again this is a rendering...

Here is a link from Google maps.  I think there are 8 units with 1800 sq ft each and renting for $2800 per month.  GAG.