Thursday, June 1, 2017

This is NOT my Portland

This is the email I sent to the mayor and other elected officials yesterday.  I didn't get a single response.  
I've been here 22 years.  I used to say I died and went to heaven when I moved here.  I don't say that anymore.  

My habits have had to change drastically in the last few years.

  • I no longer go downtown.  The homeless and traffic are too terrible to bear.  I love the downtown farmers market but have mostly given it up.  Nor do I shop downtown anymore.
  • I live in a very walkable part of Portland and have always enjoyed walking.  We can do most of our errands on foot..  I have curtailed some of my walking and now feel I have to carry pepper spray, even in my neighborhood.
  • I've had so many plants stolen from my yard that I no longer plant things I value.
  • There is so much theft, car prowling and break ins that I have baby monitors that I use to listen to whether anyone is approaching my house.  I take the monitors to bed with me so I can listen all night.
  • When I have a package coming, I have to watch for it because leaving anything on the porch makes it likely to be stolen.
  • I am afraid to use public transportation.
  • I am afraid to attend a city council meeting.
  • I don't want friends from out of town to visit because I am ashamed of my city.
It feels like I am under siege.  This is NOT my Portland.

Now we have criminals crawling the streets, taking what they want.  This guy has a big knife.  He is on the porch of this house, trying to get in.  The photo is from a security camera video.  The video shows him circling the house,  taking things and trying to get into the house.  Very creepy.


Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, this is awful. Is there any movement at all toward fixing any of the problems?

Sharon Kwilter said...

I have to be honest, I have spent more than a few hours lately looking at house listings in other cities, but frankly, I don't where would be better. Portland sucks now and I am definitely watching for an opportunity to depart.

Sharon Kwilter said...

About that picture, is that the creepy video where that homeless guy actually turns on their water to take a drink and then actually walks away and leaves it on? It could be days before that family notices their water hose is running. It's like the bums want to maximize how much they cost residents.

ddlip said...

Have they responded yet?