Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Color Palette light and dark

I mixed three colors of dynaflo... blue violet, salmon, and yellow green.  I applied the dye to damp fabric sparingly, then salted it.  The next day, I used the same mixed colors and applied more dye, this time with less water.  I tried using epsom salts the second day.  They didn't do much.

Here are my results:

day 1

day 2
I am excited by the results, getting stronger and weaker versions of the colors, though sometimes the addition of water affects the color as well as the strength, especially the yellow green.  The photos, taken with my simple point and shoot camera, do not accurately portray the colors but you get the idea.

Next time I will think more about where I don't want to add color.  I destroyed some of the effects I liked in the top portion.

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